Christmas is gift time

And the pre-New Year’s summing up, setting goals, making wishes and forming family values. This season, our camp is dedicated to handicrafts, gift packaging workshops and making cards, talking about successes, values, and defining prospects.

Compliments, boasting, scenes of victories, drawings of desires and time perspectives inspire participants to new achievements, gives confidence and reminds about the importance of family relationships.

At this time of the year we are also going joyfully skating at Tukuma Ledus Halle. It will not do without active walks and vigorous morning exercises in the fresh air. And if winter pleases us with snow, then all our slides!

In the Christmas program:

• gift wrapping master classes,
• making cards by hand and sending them to relatives by mail,
• ice skating at Tukuma Ledus Halle,
• Well, of course, games, Christmas tree, new friends and fun!

Dates Price
210 €

Autumn vacation

Halloween in Resource (October 21 – 26)

We overcome children’s fears. Be bold!
Psychological training – camp for children from 8-14 years

Also, horror stories and adventures, performances and active games by the sea, a cheerful workshop “the power of fears”, films, real lamps from pumpkins and stories around a fire in a glorious company of new and old friends, as well as a visit to the SPA center with saunas.

Children will gain strength and positive, will be independent and will give rest to parents!

It is important for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, namely, sleep and nutrition, exercise in the fresh air, outdoor games and walks, emotional communication (scenes and performances) and mental activity (quizzes and quests).

Visiting the SPA center – swimming trunks are required!
Preparing for Halloween (we will make masks, work with fears, cut lamps from pumpkins), and also arrange a dress rehearsal for the celebration of the eve of All Saints, where we will talk about the traditions and history of the holiday, gathered around the fire.

This is a great time to work with fears, self-confidence and just to gain strength for study! We pay more attention to rest, this training camp is not as intense as in summer! Our workshops are designed to work with fears: their understanding, expression and liberation. Children make masks, tell horror stories, defuse feelings, communicate and, as always, learn to be friends!

All this allows children not only to take a break and gain strength, but also to maintain a working attitude for the accomplishment of educational feats!

Spring Camp

As practice shows, it is at this time of the year that we have snow on the streets. And this is the time for playing snowballs, skiing from slides, snowmans and fortresses, games by the fireplace and thinking about the upcoming summer!
We, as always, pay attention to emotional and physical recovery after school.

We conduct workshops on thinking, creative expression, we teach children order and sequence, friendship, cooperation and responsibility.

We will play mobile, board, home and street games. A few evenings will be devoted to living together a fairy tale and the birth of order from chaos! That allows children to better master the skills of self-organization and helps to reduce fatigue. In the middle of the shift, we are going to the SPA center to swim in the pool and enjoy the bubbling Jacuzzi, saunas and a contrast shower!