Why WE, and not another camp:

  • The camp has a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia and meets all European safety and sanitation standards. Certificate Number 116-00468
  • Sea, beach, mode, discipline, activity, development, rest.
  • Accommodation (3-5 people in a room with shower and toilet).
  • Psychological approach and atmosphere: adaptation, cooperation, round-the-clock supervision, peaceful resolution of conflicts and security makes it almost impossible to mob, bully, group pressure, isolation and other dangers of the camp.
  • Psychologists counselors and proven training program for the development of children.
  • The objectives of the camp: friendship, sports, interpersonal skills, the development of games and rules, development of responsibility, self-control and independence, objective self-esteem, self-confidence, as well as leadership qualities and creativity.

Place of residence:

Latvija, Rojas novads, Kaltene 
  • Accommodation by the sea with a small, uncrowded beach
  • Accommodation for 3-5 people in rooms with all amenities (with toilet and shower. Wardrobes and bedside tables)
  • Dining room, assembly hall, additional showers and toilet – in the building
  • To the beach with a swimming place 10 minutes walk
  • The sea water on the coast in Roja complies with all regulations and is allowed to swim
  • On the territory of a gazebo, swing and lawn
  • Near (5 min.) The new municipal stadium, with a platform for football, volleyball and basketball
  • Permission is granted to a traditional bonfire by the sea
  • Roja Hospital (whose services are covered by the contract) – 5 minutes away
  • There are all permits from health and fire safety inspections.

Sample daily schedule:

07:30 — 08:00 Rise
08:00 — 09:00 Charging
09:00  09.30 Breakfast
09:30 — 13:00 Air games or creative workshop
13:00 — 13:30 Dinner
13:30 — 15:30 Quiet time, free time for reading books or quiet games
15:30 — 16:00 Afternoon tea
16:00 — 19:00 Air games or creative workshop
19:00 — 19:30 Dinner
19:30 — 21:30 The results of the day, the presentation of awards
21:30 — 22:00 Preparation for sleep
22:00 Hang up

In a programme:
* the program is updated every shift!

  • many outdoor games.
  • creating rules and camp programs.
  • the choice of captains and the formation of teams.
  • pursuit of tokens.
  • strategic games “City”, “Shipwreck”,”Capture the Flag”,”Mafia”,”Island”and much more!
  • competition teams in sports (relay races, sports games).
  • creative workshops in various genres (theater, dance, songs, handicrafts).
  • quizzes, quests, logical tasks and more.
    watching and discussing movies.
  • two trips / excursions (boating, “obstacle path for barefoot”, “White Dune”, SPA center (with saunas, jacuzzi and pool), paintball in Milzkalns.


Camp shifts Dates Price
first shift (11 days)
06.07 - 16.07
second shift (11 days)
19.07 - 29.07
third shift (9 days)
02.08 - 09.08


Additional transportation costs and payment of trips and excursions – 40 € – (to / from the camp, trips + tickets and snacks)
After the application we keep the place for 5 days, during this time it is necessary to make an advance payment of 100 €, after which the place is considered reserved. We inform you about the receipt of payment by e-mail. When canceling the registration, 25-100% of the prepayment is retained, depending on the prematurity.

You can make a request and ask a question here.
email also works: resurscentrs@gmail.com
and information by phone +371 24889955

With a great desire and small financial opportunities, please try to agree, there are “Hot Places”.