The uniqueness and specificity of our training camp:

Camp “Resource” is a communicative training of responsibility, autonomy, ability to work in a team (cooperate to negotiate, resolve conflicts), develop reflection (understanding of your feelings, motives of behavior, ability to analyze and plan your actions) and skills of self-presentation (present your work, express your opinion). It is also important for us to develop curiosity in children, an interest in life and learning, to form the value of education and erudition.

To achieve these goals, the rules of living together and discipline are important – as a pledge of order and security. Since children do not like to do what adults tell them to observe other people’s rules, for the first few days they come up with the rules themselves and test them and themselves for strength. The rules in our camp are not a list of prohibitions, but a system of correct actions that help us live together harmoniously and well!

An integral part of growing up is the awareness of the necessary responsibilities that children themselves formulate, choose and perform. Also, each child has the opportunity to be the main, responsible and controlling, which develops social position and self-awareness!
Evening psychological circles, where children learn to express their thoughts and feelings, resolve conflicts, praise each other, as well as individual and group games and tasks, contribute to the development of communication skills and the ability to cooperate.

For the success of the training camp, an atmosphere of trust, adaptation and involvement of each child in a joint duration, with the help of a psychological approach of counselors and games, is important. The token system allows us to form and reinforce the desired behavior, maintain competitive spirit and solidarity, develop mutual assistance and solidarity in children.

In a healthy body, a healthy mind, and this requires a daily regimen, exercise, sports, and the absence of unhealthy foods. Quiet time is in demand even by the most senior participants of the camp, as the day is full of events and you need personal time to relax, read, think, and be alone with yourself. And for a high-quality exercise, you can get a “token”, and children have the opportunity to conduct such exercises themselves, which they like more! Sports games and relays are always there! Four meals and the lack of trips to the store eliminates poisoning and meets the needs of a growing organism. It helps to ensure the physical development and health of your child.

Diversified development and self-expression. The program consists of sports games, handicraft and art workshops, theater performances, quizzes for erudition, games for cooperation and mutual assistance. This helps children to show different sides, show their knowledge, learn something new from others, form an objective self-esteem.

Our goal is to teach the child independence, responsibility for their behavior, cooperation, compliance with the rules and norms of communication and behavior, to form an adequate sustainable self-esteem, curiosity and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Some difficulties that children overcome in our camp:

In the camp, some children meet for the first time the need to change their habitual behavior in order to get what they want, for example, they have to learn to negotiate, instead of acting up, disobeying or blackmailing.

It is also difficult for many children to listen to others, express their thoughts and feelings with words (and not with fists), analyze what happened and draw conclusions. To develop these important skills, we conduct “circles” every day, where children learn self-understanding, self-expression and cooperation. These useful skills children bring home!

The active joint activity in which the participants of the training camp come most of the time, contributes both to the emergence of friendship and constant friction, conflicts and contracts of children with each other. Children are forced to learn to cooperate and negotiate, and this, as we all know, is sometimes not a simple process. Our camp is 100% live communication, where children, overcoming difficulties, learn to be friends and cooperate!

Independence and development of responsibility may not always be a fun process. Starting with the fact that children learn to live without their parents (to take care of themselves, to overcome sadness at home, to solve difficult situations, conflicts, etc. on their own) ending with responsibility for others, when you need to organize not only yourself, but also help others. In children who are not accustomed to, do not know how, are not “ripe” this can cause emotional and behavioral difficulties and they need additional support from the parents !!! After all, sitting at home in a familiar environment, where there are no requirements and a free mode, or even better – a tablet, is much easier and at first glance more attractive. However, the advantages and benefits of our camp are felt long after, and the skills of cooperation and independence remain forever!

More than 50% of children return to our camp for the next season, some come to us for several years in a row. More than 80% of parents highly value our work and enjoy the changes that have happened to our child in the Resource camp for a long time.


Levikin Vadim

I am one of the founders of the idea of ​​the Resource training camp. As a child I was in camps several times and I didn’t like it there !!! Probably, this is partly why it is especially important for me to help children adapt, get acquainted, ensure that everyone has equal rights and duties (according to age and ability), create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation! Camp for me is the possibility of children’s independence and growing up. It is very important for me that children learn to communicate, talk about themselves, become more independent and be responsible for their words and deeds. I really appreciate the ability to negotiate, consistency, meaningfulness and dedication, and what I teach children in our training camp.

Julia Zubkova

I am a master of psychology, a fairy tale therapist. I specialize in working with children. For me, the children’s camp is an opportunity to be with the children, to experience with them the joys and sorrows of each day, victories and defeats, because we are one team with them! When working with children, I like to help them reveal themselves, their individualities, I always try to see their children’s strengths and strengths and show them to them, because in the future they will need to build their lives on their own, and it’s better if they start to reveal themselves earlier. In my work at Resource Camp, it is important for me to help children:

Learn to negotiate, work in a team
Ability to make independent decisions and be proactive
See strengths and weaknesses in communication
Overcome communication barriers
Develop the ability to speak openly about yourself, about your feelings, thoughts
Learn to speak and accept compliments; Learn to behave confidently in conversation.
Develop courage, confidence, openness and spontaneity
Be able to express your feelings
Argue your point of view, defend interests and much more

Ekaterina Chernikova

Camp for me is a part of life that happens in a different mode. In the mode of increased intensity, activity and communication! After all, only in the camp hour charging every morning, eating food strictly according to the schedule is the Quiet Hour !!! And just here there is so much live, sincere communication and real life! And yet, children are the most grateful customers, because only they are so sincerely offended, angry, happy, loved, waiting and able to have fun! In our camp, we teach children responsibility, autonomy and the ability to negotiate, and she learns from children interest in everything that happens, immediacy and the ability to see good in small things. In the camp, I am home for exercises, sports and fun games. 24/7 contact person for communication with parents. I deal with organizational issues of camp life. And also daily I charge everyone with positive and good mood!