Vadim Levikin

(+371) 29538634

Head Center. Certified trainer of neuropsychological sensorimotor correction, TURUS-PLUS program, psychologist of the center, expert in personal growth, parent-child relationships. Experience since 2000. Master of Health Psychology.

Tatiana Dogadaeva

(+371) 29431706

Scientific leader of the center. Psychologist-teacher. Development of programs, psychological support for clients. Coordinator of the program TURUS-PLUS, a specialist in the field of child development, parent-child relations, personal development. The author of the program of development of conceptual thinking "Eureka". Experience in psychological work for over 30 years. Master of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Catherine Chernikova

(+371) 29664039

Administrator center "Resource". Coordinator of the program “Eureka”, organizer of the children's camp “Resource”, leading psychological workshops, Master of Psychology.

Natalia Sedochenkova

(+371) 29574510