A unique program that allows you to improve your physical and mental abilities without medicines at the same time! You will improve your health through exercise, breathing, balancing muscle tone, the ability to strain and relax, improve balance functions and coordination of movements, increase flexibility and agility. These exercises are aimed at developing the basis of all thought processes – ATTENTION!

You will train and develop:

  • sustainability of attention: how long do you concentrate on one task
  • switching attention: how quickly you can switch from one activity to another
  • amount of attention: how many objects (cases) you can keep in mind at the same time
  • performance: how long you can be attentive and how much time you need to rest
  • attention distribution: how many cases you can do at a time
  • mental operations: how well do you know how to choose the main and secondary
  • as well as self-control: how well you control everything at once.
  • In addition to attention, you will train thinking, that is, the coordinated work of the two hemispheres of the brain – analysis and synthesis
  • imaginative and concrete thinking, creativity and logic, etc.
  • Also, the passage of the program is impossible without personal growth. As a rule, participants note that they have become more confident in themselves and their abilities, learned to better achieve their goals, have become more calm and balanced, have begun to better understand themselves and others, have become more tolerant of themselves and others, more purposeful and satisfied with themselves!

TURUS PLUS is a comprehensive program:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • evolitional
  • mental
  • psychological development

Any mental processes and vital functions of the body depend on the proper functioning of the brain. For example, the brain decides to strain or relax the muscles of the body, to bring a person into a state of rest or wakefulness. It is necessary now to focus on one thing, or to dream, or to be remembered. Our host computer decides whether to keep the goal of our activity or switch to another. And all this complex activity has its own biological base – brain centers, the work of the left and right hemisphere, neural connections. The effectiveness of brain activity depends on each center separately and on their well-coordinated work, which is provided by neural connections. And now, thanks to neuropsychology, neurophysiology, we have learned to develop various parts of the brain, thereby optimizing the effectiveness of a person’s activities, improving the quality of his life as a whole.

Many business people complain that they do not have enough time in days. Many people dream of doing more, doing work more accurately, faster and at the same time less tired. Many of us have long been accustomed to the fact that from time to time cling to the door handles, stairs, touch the dishes at the table. Many have learned the route and no longer get lost on the streets and in the crossings. Many are accustomed to often catch cold, constantly feel cold, hard to endure the heat, to experience nausea, dizziness in transport.

Some have taught others to their temper, resigned to the fact that they can not properly organize themselves, plan their activities, that they are always late, that they find it difficult to sleep and wake up, and lethargy and drowsiness are constant companions throughout the day. There are still many other little things to which we are accustomed, adapted, and why be surprised, because it has always been so. Only sometimes we look at other people and wonder about their strength, energy and other qualities. But for all these manifestations of a successful and comfortable life certain sections of the brain are responsible, the effectiveness of which depends on how they were formed in deep childhood. Now each of us has a choice: to complain about our fatigue, memory, disorganization, or to improve the performance of our head and at the same time expand our capabilities and abilities.

Agree, each of us wishes to improve the quality of life. To this end, we occasionally resort to different means. For example, we spend time searching and researching various, sometimes dubious, courses and trainings for:

All this you will get
in the program TURUS-PLUS!

  • memory training
  • improving attention properties
  • development of speed and quality of thinking
  • well-being, energy and working capacity
  • emotional balance and personal growth.

However, do you have free time and free money to do it all separately?

Thanks to the performance of special physical exercises, the development of various parts of the brain is stimulated, which makes its work more efficient.

An integral part of the program is psychological support, which helps a person to create conditions for himself to successfully complete the program, and also contributes to the development of skills and personality traits, harmony with oneself and others.

Here are some results that adults achieve by successfully completing the program:

  • Improves performance.
  • The opportunity grows better and longer to concentrate on tasks.
  • A person makes fewer mistakes, better tracks and corrects them.
  • The activity becomes clear, measured and consistent.
  • Purposefulness, focus on results.
  • Faster remembered and reproduced information.
  • Developing the skill of doing several things at once.
  • Growing independence and autonomy.
  • Developing a responsible position.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Increases the speed and quality of thinking.
  • A person plans his activity more effectively.
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence are growing
  • It becomes easier to express your thoughts, speech becomes more expressive
  • The person understands other people better
  • Better control of yourself.
  • It becomes more balanced, more tolerant and more relaxed in a relationship
  • It becomes more cheerful and sociable
  • Easier to collaborate and negotiate with other people.
  • Self-regulation of the body improves: heat exchange, stress-relaxation, hormonal background
  • Increased stress resistance
  • Immunity is strengthened
  • Normalizes the overall tone of the body
  • Develops flexibility and agility, coordination of movements
  • Posture is corrected
  • Weight decreases
  • Eyesight improves
  • Normal sleep, appetite, the work of the vestibular apparatus
  • Corrected orientation in time and space.

To start the program, you will need to attend a motivational meeting, at which you, together with a psychologist, decide on the goals, desires and expectations of the program, identify resources that will help you in this work, as well as risk factors that may interfere with successful work, learn more about the program and make the final decision.

A motivational meeting is your work with desires, priorities and goals, with the support of a professional psychologist. The results of this work are useful in other endeavors, even if you decide not to take the TURUS + program. The cost of a motivational meeting: 25 €.

The meeting is led by Tatyana Dogadaeva (+371 29431706) or Vadim Levikin (+371 29538634).

You can call and make an appointment any day of the week at your convenience.
Questions and answers:  +371 29538634

Occupation options:
The duration of training 2 hours
Training in the group of 3-5 people (1 time per week in coordination with the group) – 120 €
Individual training (once a week by individual agreement) – 220 €
Personal growth group or personal consultation (1 time per month) – included in the program price.

Submission and development of the program is carried out taking into account individual abilities, physical and psychological readiness. Sometimes you need an additional number of meetings (training or consultations), which is provided on preferential terms, as agreed and agreed.

The result is guaranteed !!!

Text writers: Vadim Levikin, Tatyana Dogadaeva

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