If you ask the parents why they send children in a thousand and one circle, they will answer: because we want the best for our children, we want them to develop, be smart and happy.

We offer something more than a circle that develops talent or certain skills, we suggest starting with the development of the head – our most important computer.

Since 2007, we have been involved in the neurocorrection and development of children and adults. We teach children and parents to cooperate with each other. 100% of those who completed the program say that their lives have changed and become easier and better, starting with the child’s health and family relationships and ending with school and extracurricular successes. We offer a result that no one circle, no lesson can offer – improving health, developing brain functions and improving parent-child relationships.

Why do you need it?
First of all, we, as parents, want the child to be healthy, flexible and agile, i.e. rarely sick and was moderately athletic. Secondly, that the child was smart, i.e. quickly mastered the material and applied knowledge in practice. Thirdly, that the child should be successful or talented in at least one thing, and we, as parents, could develop these talents. There is another very important aspect that I would like to develop – it is his sense of purpose, motivation, obedience and other aspects of communication that will undoubtedly be useful to him in the future.

As you know, we develop a child, relying on the potential that has developed at the time of birth and the first year or two of life. All circles and classes work already with the established base. We propose to develop mental and other mechanisms, improving the coordinated work of the whole brain, and not its individual parts. Thus, your child becomes smarter, not because he knows a lot and is well erudite, but because he thinks faster and better, healthier – because he controls himself better, uses his strength more intelligently, sportively – because he improved the coordination of movements, the work of the vestibular apparatus and much more. Our program allows you to remove obstacles to success and the disclosure of talent.


  • Work, the fruits of which are saved for life
  • Complex development of the mind, body and personality
  • New opportunities to achieve their goals
  • Additional resources revealed in themselves
  • Ability to remove the diagnosis of hyperactivity and attention disorders.

The program consists of four stages:
Preparatory or zero stage (diagnostics, goal setting, resource search and motivational meeting – 4 meetings).
The first module is energy (correction of tone, respiration, body maps, flexibility, muscular status, etc.). Approximate duration 4 months.

The second module is attention, control, and complex programming (development of attention, thinking, vestibular apparatus, endurance). Approximate duration 3 months.

The third module is complex coordination and programming, goal-setting and self-control (development of balance, reaction, arbitrariness, etc.). The approximate duration is 2 months.

Diagnostics, as well as the entire preparatory stage, provides a large amount of information about your child, motivational meetings imply your work with goals and resources, the results of which will be very useful and possibly relevant in other areas of your life, even if you do not go to the program.

The program and the monthly fee include:
One training session with a trainer every week, for constant complication and progress (two academic hours).
Summing up of each stage (individual consultation).

Group meetings every month to solve current difficulties and improve program efficiency. As well as parent training seminars, groups of exchange of experience and support groups for passing the program. (3 academic hours). Individual psychological consultation once a month (1 hour) to improve the effectiveness of the program. The program is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics and capabilities of the child and parent. The result is guaranteed!

Thanks to all these complex measures, you, like the other 90% who started and completed our program, will be able to complete it with good or even excellent results. The main results of the program are primarily the physical and mental health of the child, as well as improved relationships with both the child and the family!

Variants of occupations Duration Class time Cost per month (4-5 workouts) *
Classes in a group of 3-5 people. (Once a week)
2 hours
by agreement
Individual lessons (1 time per week)
2 hours
by agreement
PLUS Psychological support
Parent group (1 time per month) 3 hours
Wednesday from 18: 00-20: 00
included in the price
Individual consultation (once a month) 50 min.
by agreement
included in the price

TURUS PLUS in groups has several advantages:

  • Cheaper
  • Group work promotes competition
  • Group work gives more strength and support to participants
  • In children, self-esteem becomes more objective, and parents acquire new ways of interacting with children
  • Groups are assembled in accordance with the compatibility of participants, both physical and psychological.

But not every child is useful to work in a group, and not all participants can work in a group, and on the other hand, the group work is shown and gives the best results. You can find out what type of training is preferable for you after diagnosis.

Text writers: Vadim Levikin.

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