Neurocorrection TURUS PLUS is the training of the mind and body through exercise. This training of attention, will, flexibility, dexterity, efficiency and much more. Exercises are aimed at the formation of new neural connections, their complexes at the sensorimotor level, which improves all brain functions and overall health! This program is indicated for the correction and development of mental abilities of children from 6 years and adults of any age.

This is a daily training of attention, memory, speech, thinking, will, coordination, breathing, balance, muscle tone, self-regulation and control, endurance, disability, planning, resistance to stress and character! That, like learning to ride a bike, gives a result for life!

TURUS – Body Exercise Development of Mental Abilities is a program of neuropsychological psychomotor development. The goal of the program is the development of thinking, speech, attention, memory and other mental functions.

PLUS is a psychological support program that helps to create conditions for maximum efficiency of the TURUS.

In the 60s of the last century, American (G. Doman) and Russian scientists (A. R. Luria) conducted research in the field of neuropsychology, studied the workings of brain structures. In America, a child development program was developed based on the principles of sensorimotor development of brain structures ( In Russia, neuropsychological correction relies on the teaching of A.R. Luria about three blocks of the brain, to the teaching of LS Tsvetkova on neuropsychological rehabilitation and on the method of replacing ontogenesis, developed by A.V. Semenovich and B.A. Arkhipov. The basis of TURUS is sensorimotor correction developed by Professor Yu.S. Shevchenko and Cand. psychol. Sciences V.A. Korneeva (

Such neuropsychological training is ideal for preschoolers, but also extremely useful for schoolchildren and adults. Turus + does not teach reading and writing, but develops the brain’s ability to control activity, focus attention, analyze material, etc. And on such a fertile soil you have to choose what to learn further!